Friday, May 6, 2011

Soldiers, Mothers, and Jesus Christ

Recently I was speaking with a man who had just retired from the military.  He talked of his tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other middle east countries.  He relayed his interest in watching the way young soldiers conducted their lives.  They get away from home and they drift far away from their faith and morals, but as soon as they get shot at they want nothing more than Jesus and their mothers.

I speak of these young soldiers with the utmost respect and gratitude.  I am grateful for their service to keep America a free nation.I was interested at this example of the deep roots that our Savior and our mothers have within each of us.  It seems to me that two of the most important people in our lives are Jesus Christ and our mothers.

I feel that there is a strong connection between Christ and my mother in my life.  Through out my childhood my mother worked tirelessly to teach me correct principles.  She taught me to have faith in Jesus Christ and that by keeping His commandments we are blessed.  There are so many instances when I have had to revert back to the deeply ingrained teachings of my mother, and by doing so I have found so much peace and support in times of trial.

I express my gratitude for loving mothers who show us the way.  With the family being the central unit in the gospel of Jesus Christ, what role is more important than that of a loving mother who teaches here children to love one another and to follow our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am eternally grateful for my wonderful mother who taught me correct principles and continues to be an example to me.

May we each remember the love of our own mothers and seek to emulate that love in our daily lives toward our fellow men.

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