Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friends and Family

When I was in my early high school years I had a pretty tight group of friends.  The friends that I had since I was knee high to a grass-hopper all went their separate ways, though we are all still fiends.  As time moved on our interests changed and I found new friends that were on the same page as me.  Eventually I started running with a pretty rough crowd and my parents were pretty concerned.  It is next to impossible to stand when all your friend's standards antagonize your own.  In the end I had to separate myself from those I called my friends.  In the time when I may have been the most lonely, I found my best family. 

Family is central to the plan of our Eternal God.  In our families we gain a sense of identity and characteristics.  I know not every family situation is ideal, but no matter our personal family situation, there is an eternal family to be had by all within the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I'm eternally grateful for the plan of happiness which assures us, as we are faithful, that we will be with those that we love for eternity.  This is done by the priesthood of God in His temples.  There is no greater joy than this!  It is my prayer that each of us will seek to secure our eternally family by showing the Savior that we love Him by keeping His commandments.

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