Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Key To All Other Attributes

I have often sought out Christlike attributes.  Christlike attributes are attributes we seek to develop that were shown by our Savior Jesus Christ.  Charity, Hope, Faith, Diligence, and Patience are a few among others.  In my experience as a missionary and in my continued efforts to seek to develop these attributes, I've learned a few things that I would like to share with you.

My first companion in the mission field was Elder Maka Tuihalamaka, not only large in stature but a spiritual giant.  The fist thing I ever heard him say was; "Humility goes a long way."  That lead to my conclusion that humility is key to all other Christlike attributes.

Further study into the humility taught me that gratitude is the key to obtaining humility.  Therefore, gratitude falls as a foundation for all other desirable attributes.  I've found that when I'm conscious about what I am grateful for-and I express my gratitude-then it is easier to walk with the spirit of humility.

In this time of Thanksgiving, let us express our gratitude to those around us and thereby lay the foundation to attaining other attributes we seek for.  I promise the spirit of the Lord will strive with us as we do all we can to follow Jesus Christ.

Ponder this question- Who may I express gratitude towards and how should I do it?

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