Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Children...Children of God

I grew up with 3 younger sisters and a little brother. I remember being one my mothers helpers to baby-sit and care for my younger siblings. I remember how tiny they were when mom and dad brought them home for the first time.  I can't say I have any idea what being a parent is like but I'm grateful for the glimpse I had of taking care of a little one.  As a missionary I don't have that privilege.   The other day as I was trying to catch the eye of 7 week old baby that hadn't had his eyes open for long, and it hit me that this little guy was in the presents of our Heavenly Father just weeks ago. I was humbled at the thought.  As I pondered about this I thought about the plan of salvation and our important role in having families to move this plan forward.  Children are pure and clean.  Children are to whom we should look for a reminder of what we are supposed to become. Not childish but childlike. We will become more like our Savior Jesus Christ as we strive for the innocents of a child that can be found daily through the Atonement.

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