Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Heavy Burden

The Flathead valley and lake are breath taking!  I recently traveled up to and am privileged to live on the Flathead lake.  There is such beauty here.  Tall green trees cover the mountains which reach high into the sky making a wall around the lake.  The Flathead is a foreshadowing of what can be seen in Glacier National Park.  It is places like this that testify to the existence of a supreme creator.  More than a testimony, the vision of such splendor
                                                                                  offers a moment of peace in such a chaotic world.

Knowing what i know now about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, it weighs on my soul when I see others allow apostasy to enter into their lives.  I often see those who face great challenges in their lives.  Tragically, instead of allowing the Atonement of Christ to bring growth and peace, some turn to unknown paths and dark corners where they allow anger, jealousy, and pride destroy them one day at a time.

Like the warmth of a spring and summer sun heal the earth from the cold winter, let us allow the light and truth of the Atonement to heal our hearts and minds.  The Son of man hath descended below them all, and we are not greater than Him.  Jesus Christ is the way, Repentance is the access, and we have the choice.

May the beauty and splendor of this earth open our minds and hearts to accept the creators plan into our lives.

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