Thursday, February 17, 2011

Team 'Family'

My thoughts have been on the greatness of the plan of our God.  The plan of redemption.  There is a comment I often make concerning heaven, "No matter how great of a place you can imagine heaven, It wont be heaven if those I love, or my family, cannot be there with me.  Happiness is being with those we love.  It is the hope and the knowledge that we can be with them not just for this life, but if we so choose, God has intended family relationships to last for eternity.  The words of a Book of Mormon prophet Nephi express it well, "O how great the plan of our Go... who prepareth a way for our escape"(2 Nephi 9).  What a wonderful time to be on the earth when God has revealed the fullness of his plan of salvation.  I know it to be true.  God loves us!!  We each need to seek to understand the plan of salvation so we may understand the rest of the gospel(2 Nephi 12:32).

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